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Thermos Products - Frequently asked questions
What replacement parts are available for Thermos flasks?
  • The vast majority of requests for Thermos replacement parts are for stoppers. We offer replacement stoppers for the majority of Thermos flasks that are currently available and some stoppers are available for products that have recently become discontinued.
  • Rubber seals are not available as a seperate part, however the majority of seals are included within the stopper and many stoppers are available as a seperate part.
  • We offer replacement cups for some of the Thermos flasks that are currently available.
  • Thermos glass lined flasks are manufactured and distributed as an entire unit. The glass liners are not available as a seperate part due to their fragile nature, however replacement stoppers and cups are available.

To view the full range of spare parts that are currently available, please click here

My Thermos product was purchased overseas - Who should I contact if I experience a problem?

If your product was purchased overseas, you would need to contact the distributors who are based the closet to the country where it was purchased. You can find the worldwide contact details here - Thermos Worldwide Contacts

Thermos BBQ's - all queries?

The Thermos Corporation sold the rights to use its brand name on BBQ's to Charbroil in the 1990's. Should you have any queries, please contact Charbroil UK - 0114 3601940. Flasks Online are unable to assist you with these queries.

Warranty Claims?

If you believe that your Thermos product is faulty due to a manufacturing fault and it is still within the guarantee period, please choose the option relevant to you and click on the link. This will enable you to view the appropriate returns policy.


You purchased your product from Thermos online within the last 12 months. Please click the link below;

Flasks Online - Returns policy page


You purchased your Thermos product from Thermos Online over 12 months ago. Please click the link below;

Thermos UK - Returns policy page


You have purchased your Thermos product from another retailer. Please click the link below;

Thermos UK - Returns policy page

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