NEW Ultimate Flask 900ml - Old vs. New

The NEW Ultimate Flask 900ml and NEW Ultimate Flask 500ml

The original Ultimate Flask has been part of our range at since the very beginning. Synonymous with durability and maximum heat retention the Ultimate is the flask of choice for many outdoor enthusiasts including being recommended by Ray Mears. It is also one of the lightest flasks in the Genuine Thermos Brand range weighing in at under 400grams.

So what is new about the NEW Ultimate Flask?

The updated Ultimate flasks are very similar in apperance however the new ranges have a more ergonomic lid, making them easier to grip with gloves on. The improved stopper has two compartments designed for smooth pouring of liquids no matter what the terrain. Lastly the capacity is slightly larger in the new range at 900ml compared to 800ml.

The recognisable silicone rings are still the same and the heat retention is still phenominal. We tested the Ultimate Flask 0.8l and the NEW Ultimate 0.9l overnight. With water straight from the kettle and after 24 hours left outside both flasks measured between 67-69ºC. Optimum tea/coffee drinking temperature is between 50ºC-60ºC so both flasks will still deliver hot beverages.

Outstanding heat retention!!

Both new and old Ultimates come with a 5 year manufacturing guarantee.







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