Thermocafe Zest Travel Mug Gift Set £19.95

Save money this January with a Thermocafe Zest Travel Mug Gift Set.

Since many of us refuse to go without coffee on our morning commutes, why not make it more transportable? The delicate paper cups simply do no justice, leaving our Caramel Macchiato that cost £3.50 cold and unsatisfying, as well as a waste of money.

The Thermocafe Zest Travel Mug prevents spillages when in an early morning panic running for the train, that can ruin your day; not to mention your favourite shirt. This is due to its sturdy handle, and push fit lid. Clearly the flimsy plastic lid given with the usual paper cup is no competiton.

The Thermocafe Zest Travel Mug is a stylish, modern travel mug and comes in the attractive colours of Black & White, Purple & Lime, Pink & Aqua and Red & Blue.

The Thermocafe Zest Travel Mug is made from a high quality stainless steel, which mean no more frozen coffee. What a great way to warm up your winter mornings with a great value travel mug set.



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